Patient Reviews

If you can't tell how much we love our physical therapy clinics (with those water views in Westchester and that city skyline in Manhattan!!!) then you're not reading closely enough. It's not just our prime New York locations or our cutting edge equipment that make our physical therapy clinics world class, it's our patients and physical therapists. You won't find anywhere else in the city that is as comfortable, as well equipped, or staffed with a wide array of talented therapists. 

Still not convinced? Well, don't take our word for it! Here's what a few of our happy patients around the world wide web have to say about their physical therapy experience at Sloane Stecker

“I was referred to visit Sloane Stecker from a friend who had received therapy at his Irvington (Westchester) office. They just opened this new renovated studio on the 15th Floor with high tech equipment, sweeping views, and personalized one-on-one attention. As a runner, the Noraxon Gait and Running analysis helped show me how I was running incorrectly and causing pain to my knees. Sloane showed me how to shift weight onto my mid foot, strengthening the muscles in my hips, ankles and core. I then was able to practice the new technique on the Alter-G (Anti-Gravity) Treadmill. I look forward to my next visit and getting back to 100% for my next race!”

— Sarah

After two months I grew a lot more stable and stronger than I probably was before I broke my elbow and I have Alex and Nic to thank! Their techniques are pretty different, but complementing. Alex really understood my issues and goals regarding my arm and helped devise a plan for me, making my recovery pretty rapid after having started physical therapy a month after my injury and from doing almost no movements on my own. They really helped brake down the negative barrier surrounding my injury and created a new uplifting experience for me I will always cherish and hold on to. I love the energy they and the whole staff created. Whenever I was there I always felt I was amongst friends. I will truly miss them and going there!



I just finished a post Knee surgery Physical treatment under the professional P.T. Ariel. I found Ariel to be most accommodating, very professional and nice person. His knowledge of the human physics, muscle structure and their interaction with the parts of the body is amazing. He gave me both massages and exercises that lead to my complete recovery. It’s funny that I feel better on my knee that went through the surgery than my "healthy" knee. I strongly recommend both Ariel and Sloane Stecker facility, being clean and inviting with professional staff.

- Michael

I love this place! Georgio and Megan have been so amazing. In June, I started going there for spinal stenosis. They've found ways to adapt the equipment to my 4 foot frame. My physical strength has definitely improved.

- Becky

I've been to a lot of physical therapy centers, and this is by far the best. Convenient location, beautiful offices, helpful and nice front desk staff, good equipment, and most importantly excellent physical therapists. I've worked with several therapists there, all of whom were great, but Nic was the person I worked with for longest. I went to him for rehab after hip surgery, and he helped me even more than the surgery itself. Knowledgeable, professional, and actually fun to work with. He helped me through several setbacks and actually got me running again after 25 years. He is a good listener who is sensitive to individual needs and abilities and he was innovative in adapting exercises for my specific goals.

- H.M. 

Best PT place I've ever been to. Clean, comfortable, uncrowded, and without exception, a very friendly, welcoming staff. I worked with Meghan for about two months on a surgically repaired rotator cuff. Best ever. She knew exactly how much to push me, and when to take it easy. I was in very good hands. Highly recommended.

- Jonathan B.