Additional Services

If you can't already tell, we have a lot to offer. As one of the premiere studios on the East Coast for athletic training, physical therapy and rehabilitation we pride ourselves in providing the best the industry has to offer. Our physical therapy is further complimented by these extraordinary services. 

Offering prime studio rental space in New York City, Irvington, and Florida, Sloane Stecker is the perfect place for your next yoga, pilates, or personal training client. Our studios offer the perfect setting for either private or group classes.

Studio rental

We believe in offering our clients the best there is. Whether it's studio space, therapists, or equipment, we have the best the world has to offer and you can have access to it all. 

Our studios offer lots of natural light, beautiful sunset views and equipment, whether it be for HIIT training class, or group power yoga. Smaller, more intimate rooms are available for hourly rent. 

Sloane Stecker studios offer surfset training in all of their east coast fitness studios. Perfect for full body training and intensive core strengthening.


SurfSets are available at all of our premiere studios to help keep your workout fun. 

It might not always be beach weather in New York or Westchester, but you can train like a surfer all year long on SurfSet. 

Helping keep your core strong and offering that full-body cardio and toning we all crave, SurfSets are ready for you in all three of our studios. 

The Kore Balance offers treatment for neurological disorders, athletes, and individuals at high risk of falling by increasing balance and neurological functions

Kore balance

Kore Balance offers the latest technology in computerized balance and exercise systems. 

Kore Balance stimulates both the brain and the nervous system to improve balance, aid in better posture, and strengthen the body. 

Kore Balance's versatility makes it the perfect machine for individual's struggling with neurological damage, athletes returning from lower-body injury, or strengthening individuals at high risk of falling.