The Wattbike was developed in the UK for the British Cycling team with the vision of creating the ultimate indoor bike. Versatile enough to test elite athletes and beginners alike. Powerful enough to deliver the most insightful data to coaches and amateur athletes. 

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Wattbike in New York City, Westchester, and Florida.

Functional Threshold Power (FTP) represents your ability to sustain the highest possible power output over 45 to 60 minutes, depending on whether you're a trained athlete or not. As a result 95% of the 20 minute average power is used to determine FTP.

Wattbike is powerful and versatile enough to test elite athletes and beginners alike. The best indoor training tool for cyclists, we have one available at each of our studios in Westchester, New York City, and Florida.

The 3 minute test will calculate your Maximum Minute Power (MMP) and Maximum Heart Rate (MHR), you can use this information to set personalized training zones and give structure to your training. If you're unsure of how to pace your 3 minute test, try the submaximal ramp test as a warm up.

The Wattbike will also assess and improve your pedaling technique. It measures the left/right leg balance which will allow you to revise your technique to put equal power into each pedal. By improving your cycling technique this will help you improve performance and avoid future injuries.

 wattbike in action.


The 20 minute test is for experienced cyclists. This test measures an improvement in sustaining a high percentage of maximal aerobic power making it the perfect assessment of fitness and progress. Wattbike is the chosen indoor training tool for many cyclists, from complete beginners to Olympic athletes and everyone in between.