Fitness Assessment

Our trained team of doctors of physical therapy will complete a comprehensive and technical test of your current health and strength. This will be used as a benchmark for your future progress as well as a valuable recovery tool if you may have an injury.

 We will use our most advanced technology, curated from around the world to create an objective assessment customized for you.

Body Composition Analyzer InBody 570 at Sloane Stecker Physical Therapy in New York, Westchester, and Florida


1. You will start with an InBody 570 full body analysis which will measure your current body fat %, muscle, visceral fat levels, hydration and recommended calorie intakes.

Kineo Globus at Sloane Stecker Lincoln Square for Physical Therapy Rehabilitation and Personal Training

Kineo SYSTEM BY globus

2. The Kineo System is a brand new robotic machine that uses variable loads to measure your power via eccentric and concentric training.  Some of the tests include:

– Maximum Strength Test
– Isometric Balance Test
– Power test / Progressive Load
– Concentric Maximum Strength Balance Test
– Eccentric Maximum Strength Test

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Wattbike available at Sloane Stecker Physical Therapy in Westchester, New York City, and Florida for physical rehabilitation and personal training


3. A Functional Threshold Power (FTP) 3-minute aerobic test on the Wattbike will show us your maximum heart rate and maximum power to weight ratio.

Noraxon treadmill at New York City Sloane Stecker Lincoln Square


4. Full Running Analysis with Noraxon MyoMetric Lab will measure your performance gait, speed, and maximum heart rate. This running/gait analysis is a critical assessment when investigating functional movement qualities and our PT's will make note of  any inefficiencies based on the results.

Based on your results, our team will customize a plan to help you strengthen your body and improve your performance. 

We will give you a digitalized record of your test as we believe you should put your health in your own hands, both as a way to set a goal for yourself and as a preventative measure to compare before and after injury.