Running Analysis & Recovery

Training runners to race faster, smarter, and safer is just one of our many specialties. With the assistance of our advanced technology Noraxon and AlterG treadmills we are able to measure with precision a runner's gait and stride, allowing our therapists to make necessary adjustments to running technique. 

AlterG treadmills are available for patient and client use in our New York City, Westchester, and Florida studios


Our running programs aren't just for athletes. We also assist people with post-surgical recovery and getting back to the sport after suffering from common running injuries like runner's knee, achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, and hamstring issues. 

We are proud to work with professional athletes, marathoners, aspiring runners, and post-surgical rehabilitation patients. 

Recover from injury or train for your next marathon with our AlterG treadmills in the Upper West Side, Irvington and Florida


The AlterG treadmill offers users the opportunity to control gravity, allowing them to run more efficiently, to recover with active rest, and to heal post-surgically or from injury. 

Sloane Stecker offers two different AlterG treadmills to meet the needs of competitive athletes and runners recovering from injury. Whatever your needs might be, we have the AlterG for you.

AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill Pro 200 (High Speed)

AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill 320

Sloane Stecker studios in the UWS of New York, Irvington, and Florida offer running analysis assisted by Noraxon technology


Noraxon treadmills are uniquely designed to provide a runner with precise and immediate feedback on gait, stride, and weight distribution. 

This advanced technology is integral in catching the smallest imbalance, often imperceptible by the eye alone, to help runners trim personal best race times and avoid injury. 

TechnoGym's SkillMill is a user-powered treadmill, allowing the runner to challenge themselves past their limits. Available for small group or private use in our New York City, Westchester, and Florida studios.
The AlterG 200 is a high power, anti-gravity treadmill Sloane Stecker Physical Therapy


Based in Italy, TechnoGym creates the Ferrari of gym equipment and we like to consider ourselves collectors of their work. This exciting new way to obliterate calories and challenge your fitness levels has been at Sloane Stecker studios since April of 2016. Wanna be an Italian Stallion? Regular shred sessions on the Skillmill are definitely a step in the right direction. 

Alterg 200

This treadmill is perfect for elite athletes training to get back-to-sport after injury. Its high speeds, large chamber, and reinforced structure make this treadmill an in-demand piece of equipment for professional sports teams. The good news is you don't need to be one of the pros to experience the benefits of the AlterG 200, we have this high-speed technology in our Lincoln Square studio.