Physical Therapy for Hip Labral Repair

When bones break they begin to bleed and clot, which then starts to slowly calcify and turn to bone itself until the break is completely healed. Unlike bone, cartilage has almost no potential to begin a self-healing process. To heal a tear in the cartilage, like a hip labral tear, you either need to undergo surgery or, in certain cases, a comprehensive physical therapy program. 

In your journey towards recovery from your hip labral tear you want to work towards symmetric gait patterns ASAP. Often imbalances in the hip movement or muscle weakness/imbalance are the contributing factors to a labral tear, so you will want to address this immediately if it is possibly the cause of the injury.

At Sloane Stecker Lincoln Square and our Westchester offices we are equipped with cutting edge technology that takes the guess work out of analyzing your gait for symmetry and perfects it to an exact science. With so much of your recovery depending on this-- engaging in weight bearing AND symmetric walking ASAP-- why take the risk that your gait may or may not be improving in balance between sides?

Sloane Stecker Lincoln Square Alter G

With our Alter-G treadmill we are able to get you walking on your injured leg right away, a key component in your hip labral tear recovery and in learning a well balanced gait. We are also able to utilize Noraxon technology to measure the pressure of each foot as you limp, step, or run. Along with these measurements we can tell how your strike your foot, the length of your stride, and exactly how much one side is compensating for the weakness of another. 

Healing from a Hip Labral tear isn't rocket science, but the AlterG is! Literally a gravity reducing chamber, this NASA inspired technology will propel your hip labral repair therapy out of this world. Check into our offices in Manhattan's Upper West Side or in Irvington for more information.