Physical Therapy for Shoulder Damage

Rotator cuff repairs are another relatively common injury and studies are showing that great physical rehab programs are just as important as a great surgeon. Getting you back to sport, the daily grind, and back to your active and happy life is always our focus. Here are just a few ways we're on top of the game when it comes to getting New Yorker's through their shoulder pain and on the road to recovery.

There are a variety of reasons you might be experiencing shoulder pain and while you might not always need surgery, you do always need physical therapy. Our physical therapy programs for frozen shoulders, shoulder repair, arthritis and rotator cuff repair are all supported by one thing you won't find at just any physical therapy office in New York-- our amazing Noraxon technology. With our Noraxon technology we can actually see, measure, and record the mobility in your shoulder complex and it's progress with exact precision. Your healing process is no guessing game and we put science to good use to make sure that you're able to put your shoulder to the wheel (figuratively-- or literally, we've got a gym full of crazy, high-tech equipment!) and get back to your life ASAP.

Speaking of equipment, we know the importance of well planned variety within a stream lined system and we've got the exercises and the top of the line equipment to support you in regaining mobility and range of motion in your shoulder. You shouldn't feel like you've just stepped into a gym and had a personal trainer dole out a set of exercises when you go in for therapy on your rotator cuff or shoulder replacement. There should be a physical therapist knowledgeable in manual techniques as well as a well stocked gym to aid in your recovery. At our own gym in both Irvington and the Upper West Side you'll find a stream-lined set of exercises we've researched and designed over decades of practice with machines that might not show up in just any therapy office. We're not messing around and we have the facilities and research to prove that we care about investing in your return to health.

Whether you like rowing down the Hudson in Irvington or your passion is attacking CrossFit in Manhattan's Upper West Side, or maybe you just want to get a glass out of your kitchen cabinet without pain, either way our physical therapy programs can keep you operating at your peak performance. The shoulder complex might be a sensitive and complicated part of your body, but the therapy to repair any tears or damage from overuse are unparalleled in New York.