The Power of Variable Resistance- The Kineo by Globus

Building muscle and increasing strength has never been more efficient than with the Kineo by Globus. The first robotic machine to offer variable strength loads, the Kineo will challenge muscles during the full range of motion for every movement offering athletes the opportunity to maximize their efforts and work efficiently. 

Variable resistance training achieves maximum muscular involvement which will greatly improve an athlete’s overall strength. Stronger muscles provide greater endurance, lower the chance of injury, and offer a higher calorie burn throughout the day. Unlike constant state exercise, such as free weights, the Kineo’s variable resistance will challenge the targeted muscle group at each and every angle of the athlete’s movement.

A bicep curl with free weights will have a peak engagement of the bicep muscle followed by little to no resistance as the exercise concludes. With the Kineo by Globus different degrees of force are applied at every stage of the bicep curl, challenging the athlete and building muscle at every degree of movement. 

Most variable resistance training machines are distinguished by cables attached to weights that allow the maximum amount of resistance on the athlete during each phase of a movement. The Kineo by Globus is the first robotic machine of its kind and offers a fluidity in movement that can’t be rivaled by other technology. This offers athletes a fluid and challenging experience as they utilize the machine’s variable resistance capabilities while providing the ease and comfortable glide physical therapy rehabilitation patients need as they work to recover. 

The Kineo by Globus is a versatile and powerful machine, providing users with the challenging, smooth workout to maximize overall strength and endurance.