Personal Training in New York City

New Yorkers are a special breed of crazy. Anyone who can train (and qualify) for the Boston marathon, while negotiating contracts to maximize profits in the third quarter, while helping their pre-schooler prepare for the upcoming onslaught of middle school admissions applications is a force to be reckoned with. This Adonis won't be challenged by any old workout routine and that's why New York is full of the trendiest and most competitive trainers and fitness fads in the world. 

How does Sloane Stecker Physical Therapy cut a swath through this overflowing well of qualified and awesome fitness options? The list is extensive, but here are three simple reasons why we're the choice for the driven New Yorker when it comes to picking a personal trainer. 

  1. Our equipment is insane. While it's great to workout in those bootcamps that saturate Central Park in the Spring, they're often run by moderately qualified trainers who will try to convince you machines aren't necessary to challenge your fitness. Our Lincoln Square locations gives you insane views of the Upper West Side AND you have access to AlterG treadmills, Surfsets, Wattbikes, and that's not even the half of it. Don't sell yourself short and settle for less than the best because the equipment you train with matters and no one knows that better than we do. 
  2. Our personal trainers are also physical therapists. You want the best and you deserve the best, so leave your workouts in the capable hands of our physical therapists. They're the best at what they do and their years of qualifying studies will complement your workout since they will also have the know-how to work around injuries, strengthen weak areas, and give tips on modifying movement patters like pros. (Because they are.) 
  3. Competitive athletes should be pushed by competitive athletes. So you're not just a weekend warrior, you're training for more competitive arenas and you need a personal trainer who knows your goals are about more than fitness, they're about nailing technique and building stamina to give you a more competitive edge. No one can help you achieve these goals better than an office of physical therapists led by a former competitive athlete. 

The list of reasons why Sloane Stecker Physical Therapy is taking personal training in the Upper West Side by storm is long and we're no passing fad either. If you're looking for a way to push your fitness routine to the next level, we've got the machines and the talent to take you there.