Speed Drills

New York City is alive with the sights and sounds (and heat....) of Spring and it's proving why this is the best time of the year to take running drills to the next level. The days are longer and warmer and they're leaving just about everyone with more energy and joie de vivre. After a long winter inside, there's not much that's better than stretching your legs for a long run through Manhattan's Upper West Side or along the river in Westchester. 

I like these running drills from Strength Running because they're designed with form and strength building in mind. This combination will help build endurance and strength while also helping prevent injury from poor form. If you're getting back to sport or just training for your next marathon, you'll want to be sure to include drills to improve form as well as long runs to build stamina. There's a lot more to good running strategy than just pounding the loop through Central Park. 

Give these running drills a try and see how they affect your current times, or just give them a try to mix things up a little bit. If you're not sure what you're doing but you feel some drills would help you avoid or heal from injury then skip the running coaches and come see a physical therapist, their in-depth training in healing the body and eye for proper movement will be the thing you need to make these drills as effective as possible. 

Or if you're not one to take your running out into the heat, come and give our tools a try. We've got the usual speed drill equipment but like to top our toolbox off with anti-gravity treadmills and neuromuscular sensors. If you really want to take your running to the next level....