What to Give the Runner in Your Life: The Running Analysis

Running is about more than just the gear, so be sure to give your favorite New York City Marathoner more than just a new pair of shoes and fancy running pants this year. 

Treat them to a Noraxon Running Analysis from one of our highly qualified physical therapists and they'll be talking about this holiday season for the rest of the year.

Noraxon provides mind-blowing technology that both projects the moving skeleton on a screen to measure exact angles of gait/stride while also measuring the distribution of weight on the treadmill to determine how the heel is striking. It might seem unnecessary to focus on the angles of the moving body while running, but this is actually crucial in avoiding running-induced injury and cutting crucial seconds (maybe even minutes!) off of personal bests. 

Noraxon treadmills also mark exactly how the foot is striking with each step. Every runner knows heel striking is the precursor to injury and future discomfort. Avoid the multitude of injuries that can follow too much heel striking by assessing running form and getting valuable feedback on form. 

Help your favorite runner do more than gear up this year. Give them the gift of amazing running technique, record-breaking times, and injury prevention. 

Happy Holidays, everyone!