Pelvic Dysfunctions, Cont....(Featuring POP!)

We've spent some time talking about pelvic disorders, ranging from general pelvic floor dysfunction to Kegel exercises for men, and now we're ready to delve into POP, or pelvic organ prolapse.

While it might sound like fun, POP is a pelvic dysfunction where your supporting muscles in the pelvic region stretch to the point that the internal organs begin to drop into the anus or the vaginal canal. Vaginal prolapse will feel like a fullness or pressure in the vagina. If you've recently given birth, are chronically constipated, estrogen deficient, or if you tend to lift and carry heavy objects then you might be particularly prone to experiencing pelvic organ prolapse. 

As with many other possible pelvic dysfunction disorders, signs you might be experiencing POP might be pain during intercourse, tenderness, spotting, or constipation. While you can perform a self-test to determine if you're experiencing prolapse, the best course of action is to seek the help of a medical profession. If you're adverse to surgery then you should know physical therapy is often all you will need to heal your pelvic disfunction. 

If you think you are experiencing PFD then it is always worth it to make an appointment to visit with your doctor and your physical therapist. Don't wait until the pain is too great. Be kind to yourself and as soon as you recognize these patterns get in to see your physician and pt. The sooner you can work on strengthening these muscles, the sooner you'll be back to your old self.