AlterG, Noraxon, and Those New York City Views

We're still running high from last week's National Running Day. 

And to celebrate, we're giving everyone with that running bug 50% off our world class machines in our New York City and Westchester offices. 

If you've always wanted to give the AlterG a try or have runner's dreams of getting hooked up to the Noraxon treadmill, then the time is now and we are the office to do it!

Through June 14th you can strap into the AlterG and train like the pros or hook up to the Noraxon and gain a deeper understanding of your running form. 

Your passion for running is bigger than National Running Day, and we get that. At Sloane Stecker Physical Therapy, we celebrate running everyday. Last year it was with several free running analysis weekends and this week it's with 50% off our running services.

Join our community and see what other ways we dream up celebrating our love for running next.