AlterG Treadmills: Taking New York by Storm

If you're a serious runner then chances are good you've heard of the amazing AlterG treadmill. Or maybe you're sitting there thinking to yourself, "Wait a second, I AM a serious is this AlterG treadmill???" Not to overuse my favorite tagline for this awesome machine,'s a piece of equipment that is totally out of this world!

Utilizing the awesome power of gravity, the AlterG treadmill is perfect for both physical rehabilitation AND serious marathon training. Using a state of the art compression chamber the AlterG treadmill allows you to control the force of gravity on your body as you run or walk. This allows you to work on rehabbing your gait after surgery or injury without the added stress or pressure of, well, of gravity pulling you down. With the AlterG at your disposal you can get walking ASAP after injury or surgery, massively contributing to a speedy recovery. The benefits of this epic treadmill during your recovery are endless. 

How will this help you as an athlete? You know those compression socks or leggings you're constantly struggling into to help reduce inflammation and improve performance and recovery? Think of the AlterG as one massive compression device for your lower body. The chamber surrounding your lower extremities, from the waist down, will offer the exact same benefits as popular compression gear. You'll just be able to exactly control the amount of compression and have the effects evenly disbursed across your body instead of focused on the area a sock or legging can cover. 

Or maybe you're a serious runner who loathes taking rest days but knows the rest is good for your recovery and endurance. With the AlterG you can still work on your form and keep your body moving, but you can greatly reduce the amount of work for your muscles by running at a lower level of gravity, still respecting your rest day schedule. It's also important to not overlook the benefits of fine tuning your gait and running technique. If you have any changes you need to make in your stride, the AlterG will be a huge help as you tweak your moves. 

You're dying to get your hands on one of these bad boys now, aren't you?  Well, if you're really committed you might be able to fit one in your New York City apartment, but if you're attached to your living space you can just come to Sloane Stecker Physical Therapy in Irvington or the Upper West Side and borrow ours. Sharing is caring, right?