Orthopedic Physical Therapy 101

You may not have known that there are several specialities within the wonderful world of physical therapy, but you can see physical therapists specializing in neurological disorders, pelvic floor rehab, or orthopedics. Here at Sloane Stecker Physical Therapy we are lucky enough to have therapists in each of these specialities but today we are going to shed some light on the ins and outs of orthopedics. 

Orthopedic pt focuses on treating muscles, bones, ligaments, tendons, and anything else that might be categorized in the orthopedic system. Conditions that might need orthopedic attention can include chronic pain, muscle swelling, decreased range of motion, and a decrease in strength. Orthopedic conditions can also be brought on by surgeries involving the orthopedic system, such as post-therapy for ACL, MCL, and/or torn meniscus.

Orthopedics is a great way to approach healing the body and our physical therapists are experts trained in the best techniques from the best schools in the world. With a combination of our amazing therapists, high tech equipment, and ability to retrain movement patterns we can guarantee a road map to recovery with our orthopedic approach to physical therapy.