Fitness Tip Tuesday

Our next weight loss and fitness tip is one most of us know but hate to put into practice. We're talking about calories! For consistent weight loss you'll need to burn more calories than you consume. If you are able to achieve a 500 calorie deficit per day that's the equivalent of a one pound loss each week.

Just like last week's tip, this one is best achieved if you don't pressure yourself too much and if you continue to focus on adding to your diet instead of on detracting from it. There are a few easy tricks to achieving this goal of a 500 calorie deficit without even trying.

  1. Leave some food on your plate. Eat slowly and pay attention to when you're satiated. You might come to find that you're full much sooner than you think. Leaving a little bit of food on your plate each meal will add up at the end of the day and you might not even notice.   
  2. Eat calorie dense snacks. When you go to reach for your mid-day snack think about swapping your regular indulgence for some broccoli or leafy greens. You'll get your nutrient fix and will stay fuller, longer. 
  3. Move more. Little choices add up to big calorie deficits and steady weight loss. Walk up and down stairs instead of taking the escalator. Challenge yourself to scale those stairs to your fifteenth floor office in New York City. Walk instead of calling that Uber. 
  4. Fall in love with working out. It always helps to love a good sweat session when you're trimming down and losing weight as well. At Sloane Stecker we have AlterG's, SurfSets, WattBikes, and a whole gym of workout tools to keep you motivated and enjoying your burn session. Find an activity you love and stick to it. 
  5. Sign up for personal training. If you don't want to leave your workout routine and fitness transformation to chance then you'll want to sign up for some personal training sessions. A professional will help you stay motivated and will keep you on track to reaching your goals. If your previous attempts at weight loss and transformation haven't paid off it's time to enlist the help of a pro. 

Follow these tips and your fitness levels will sky rocket.