Movement Monday: The Burpee

Move of the day: 

The burpee. 

Burpees are an awesome, full-body movement that are a killer addition to any high intensity work out. Think about it- you've got a squat, an explosive jump, a push-up, and another explosive movement to finish. This dynamic move is hitting your major muscle groups and when done to pace it will give you the cardio burst you need to stay heart healthy. The more intense the movement, the longer the impact in both your overall health and your daily calorie burn. 

The moves. 

  1. You'll start your burpee with a squat, keeping your knees tracking over your toes, placing your hands on the ground to jump back into a well-supported push-up. Keep your belly button pulling towards the middle of your spine and aim for at least a 90 degree bend in your elbows. 
  2. Return to a plank position- be sure to keep your spine strong and avoid any "waves" rolling through your upper body- and jump your feet back in line with your palms. 
  3. Explosively jump through a squat position, into the air, raising your hands above your head. 

Once you get really comfortable with these moves we can tweak them a bit to make them even more effective and challenging. Remember while you're working out to breath regularly and to keep your pace aggressive. The higher the intensity, the better the results.