Fitness Tip Tuesday!

The world is full of advice on how to be more fit and as your Upper West Side resource for all things fitness we are committed to distilling this advice for you, one tip at a time. 

Focus on adding foods into your diet before you focus on restricting yourself. 

Nutrition is an important part of health, training, and maintaining a healthy weight but most of us still struggle with this part of our diet/weight loss routine. That's for a good reason- it is hard to maintain the extreme overhaul or calorie restriction most diets call for. Instead of cutting out carbs and dairy, try just adding an extra cup or two of water and a big salad to your day. Soon you'll find there just isn't room for those extra holiday treats. You'll also get hooked to how great it feels to be hydrated and running on the right nutrients. Let the "bad" habits fall away naturally as you start to favor more healthy choices.