Functional Movement and Physical Therapy

"Functional" is a trendy word in all things health related of late and it's no surprise why, especially for busy and driven New Yorkers. Functional is the basis for optimization and when it comes to health this is the difference between making and breaking your goals. If you haven't taken a look at how to make your life more functional, then now is the time to start and the best place to start is with your body and how you move day in and day out. 

Daily movement patterns can either set up the basis for a healthy, happy body or slowly wreak havoc until injury is inevitable and the road to recovery is long and difficult. The way you walk, sit, look at your phone, or reach your arms can be just as destructive to the well-being of your body as the way you run marathons, cycle, and swim through triathlons.  Having your movement analyzed and a protocol put in place by a functional movement specialist can mean the difference between a pain-free life and one riddled with injury. 

Still not convinced?

The functional movement community has been working and developing their system of training and physical therapy for over twenty years. This might seem like a short amount of time, but functional movement systems was quickly embraced by healthcare and fitness professionals alike. 

Functional movement systems gives professionals a language and system for screening and movement assessment. This gives them a powerful jumping off point and tools for both healing the body and physical training. At our office physical therapists take advantage of the functional movement system to offer the best possible health and sport training to patients possible. 

Whether you're ready to heal from injury or you want to take your physical health/sport to the next level, a physical therapist schooled in the functional movement system will be able to assist you best.