Trouble in High Heels? We've Got Tips to Help You Rock the Red Carpet!

So maybe you don't have any plans to walk the red carpet in the near future, but you do have a great pair of Louis Vuittons you wish you could wear without having back pain the next day. Beauty doesn't have to equal pain. We can help you make the changes you need so you can walk the streets of New York City in heels without paying for it later. 

Your physical therapist can do more than help you get back to sport after surgery, but you probably never thought of calling on your physical therapist to help you with your posture. If you wear heels regularly and have hip or back pain, then this is another instance you want to reach out to your pt for help. There is no problem too small for your therapist's attention if it is really affecting your physical well-being. If you have pain from habitual movement patterns or from your environment (high heels, heavy bags, work desks) then your physical therapist can help you find comfort in your daily tasks.