Motivation For Your Monday

Did you know.....

People who work out on Mondays are happier throughout their week?

This is actually true and there is a slew of scientific research to back it up. Surveys show the average person doesn't crack a smile until 11:30 AM on a Monday morning....unless you've had your morning workout! Those endorphins go a long way to making your Monday morning happier, faster, and carrying the good vibes throughout your entire week. 

If you get your Monday workout in, you're more likely to keep your workout goals alive during the week? 

We are creatures of habit and it's a lot easier to slack off on Tuesday, Wednesday (and so on) if you let your Monday work out go. However, if you get your sweat on in the beginning of the week you're a lot more likely to keep the work up throughout the week. Which is good for you, because of those endorphins that make you happier, remember?

Working out can help you sleep better?

Studies show consistent workouts can help chronic insomniacs get more zzz's at night. If it can help a chronic insomniac get better rest, imagine what working out can do for your nighttime routine. 

Monday motivation will have a huge impact on the rest of your week. If you need a hand getting your workout in gear, one of our handy physical therapists knows exactly how to help with that