Can Lasers Help Speed Physical Therapy Treatments?

Lasers are everywhere these days. No longer the tool of destruction wielded by villains, lasers are now common in the medical field--from cosmetic procedures to physical therapy treatments.

For the past 60 years lasers have been revolutionizing medical treatments and have been FDA approved in the US since 2002. If you haven't taken advantage of the accelerated healing powers of lasers, you're in for a treat. Our physical therapy offices in the Upper West Side and Westchester have been utilizing lasers for cosmetic and physical therapy procedures to stunning results. 

Little known fact: LASER is an acronym for Light Amplification from the Stimulated Emission of Radiation. You might be more familiar with radiation when it comes to treatments in the medical field, the small amounts of controlled light emitted from lasers give the body additional forms of energy to put towards speeding the healing process. Lasers basically work on a cellular level, offering the body an opportunity to rapidly increase cellular function and health.  

At our offices we utilize lasers to help patients kick-off their weight loss goals, reduce pain from injury, speed physical therapy recover, and for pelvic floor dysfunction treatment. If you're looking for increased healing to get you back to your life, whether that means getting back to sport or just back to business, then you should ask your physical therapist if laser treatments can be integrated into your therapy plan.