Weekend Health Tips

Spring has sprung and like any good New Yorker you're probably eager to take advantage of the sunny weekend forecast before spring showers roll in. Here are some ideas to maximize your fun in the sun and in the city. 

  1. Take your bike or your jogging shoes to the park.
    1. Central park isn't the only resource for your running fun. Every borough and most neighborhoods have a running path you can burn some serious calories exploring. The stairs at Morningside Park will give you a serious butt lift and Prospect Park makes Central Park look like child's play. 
  2. Find a free class sponsored by NYC Parks and Recreation.
    1. YC offers a variety of free class both outdoors and in local recreation centers. Get to know people in your community and sweat the stress of your week out at the same time. 
  3. Find an outdoor bootcamp.
    1. ry The Rise, NYC or Warrior Fitness Bootcamp or if you're on a budget then you can get some friends together and motivate each other through some HIIT workouts. 
  4. Take your first Citi bike cycling class. 
    1. cannot recommend this enough. 

Enjoy the sun and spring weather this weekend-- you can follow our recovery tips and be refreshed and ready for the week come Monday!