Marathon Recovery, At Your Service


You trained hard, you ran your best, and you finished the NYC half marathon like a champ!

Now it's time to rest and recover like a champ, too. Most people have a rigid training schedule they adhere to, but not everyone knows they need to pay attention to how they recover just as much as they need to prepare and train for race day. Your recovery plan will set the tone for your next marathon and will help color how you remember this one. 

One of the best methods of rest and recover from a full or half marathon is, believe it or not, a run on an AlterG treadmill. The AlterG gives you control over not just how fast or what incline you run on, but also the gravity you run in as well.

What exactly does that mean? 

The AlterG gives you the opportunity to run anywhere from 30-70% and more off of your body weight, making this run the best recovery you can imagine. After those grueling miles of your half marathon race, you'll be running on clouds in the AlterG. To top it all off, the compression created by the AlterG treadmill chamber acts as one massive compression suit, so you can leave your compression socks and leggings at home and let our treadmill do the dirty work for you. 

The AlterG is just the beginning of our recovery arsenal for your marathon regimen. Our physical therapists have unsurpassed knowledge and expertise when it comes to both training and recovering for your nyc marathon and half marathon. Put us to work so you can get back to training hard.