10 Reasons to Run

It's National Running Day and we love the sport so much we are going to celebrate all week!

First, an ode to running. How do we love thee? Let us count the ways! 

  1. Endorphins. That natural runner's high that can have you weep at the sight of a puppy. Skeptical that this is a real thing? Don't take our word for it, here's the New York Times corroborating our story. And if you really want proof, come check out our AlterG. 

  2. Weight loss. If you want to keep steady weight gain at bay it's important to have a steady exercise routine. Nothing is easier than running. It's just about you and the road and seeing how far you can go. 

  3. Improved health. Running is about more than just maintaining that svelte waist line. It can also help keep your immune system kicking and offers mental health benefits as well. 

  4. It might just be good for your knee arthritis. Skeptical? Here's a word from the pros

  5. It's good for your confidence. Sometimes life can get a little bit monotonous and the daily grind can unfortunately start to bring you down. Everyone likes a sense of achievement and it's nice to combat the workday blues with a little bit of light goal setting. Whether it's to qualify for the Boston marathon or just join New York's Road Runners, this sport offers so many opportunities to set and achieve goals, boosting your confidence while you're at it. 

  6. Community. New Yorker's have a universal reputation, but if you've lived in the city long you know exactly how great locals are and your local running group is no exception. If you're looking for a supportive community to become a part of, then running will lead you to your new best friends. 

  7. Inspiration. That running community full of your new best friends, they're gonna blow your mind regularly. What's more inspiring than consistently rubbing shoulders with a group of goal setters and goal crushers? Do it. Just do it. 

  8. It turns out humans were born to run, at least according to National Geographic. In fact, they're saying running was "one of the most transforming events in human history." Now that's something to take seriously. 

  9. Serious calorie burn. This might be a recap of confidence and weight loss, but this calorie calculator from Runners World might just give you the proof you need to turn to running for your health and weight loss goals. 

  10. You'll sleep better. And sleep affects your entire life, including how long it will be and how long you'll be looking fresh and young. Run for your life, you'll thank yourself later. 

To celebrate all of these wonderful reasons to run, we're offering 50% off our running services this week only. Don't walk to the gyms at Sloane Stecker....run!!! This is a steal of a deal!