Yes! We take Medicare!

As specialists in physical therapy for total joint replacements, we're always honing our talent for working with patients recovering from shoulder, hip, and knee replacements. While the age of patients receiving these surgeries is continuously decreasing, recent reports have also shown knee replacements in patients above 75 has increased by 92% from 2000 to 2010. Since most patients over 65 are eligible for Medicare coverage it only makes sense that we strive to be two of the premiere physical therapy clinics in the Upper West Side and Westchester offering our services to Medicare patients. 

Total joint replacement programs aren't the only area of physical therapy we excel in for our Medicare patients. We also are a great facility for serving patients with gait and balance problems, back problems (spinal stenosis, etc.), or who are in need of relief from chronic pain

You can count on amazing manual therapy complimented with our cutting edge machinery to aid in your recovery. Have gait and balance issues? Our Alter-G treadmill is great for that! Recovering from a knee replacement? Georgio's last patient in the Lincoln Square physical therapy office left his treatment series with a big smile and parting gifts for the staff!

Georgio and patient celebrating total knee replacement physical therapy sessions in the upper west side, Lincoln Square office

If you're worried about receiving quality care with your Medicare coverage you should give our office a try. We do our best to make your physical therapy treatment seem more like a trip to the spa than a journey through medieval torture practices, despite what our patients might say!