Three Reasons You Want a Personal Trainer Who is a Physical Therapist

Maybe when you think of personal trainers your mind immediately conjures up images of Trey from Broad City, a walking mass of muscle spouting inspirational quotes 24/7, or, if you're me, you think of your brother who put himself through college helping people through their morning workouts. In the best case you might think of the Jillian Michaels celebrity trainers who somehow both terrify and motivate their clientele to six pack abs. 

All of these options are probably great personal trainers and will offer clients results, but if you're really serious about transforming your life and your body you'll consider the perks of having a physical therapist as a personal trainer. 

  1. Personal trainers are not all created equal. Some certified personal trainers, even in a place as competitive as New York City, can qualify to teach certain exercises in just a few days. The more committed personal trainer might have an associates under their belt and continuing education. With a physical therapist you'll have a professional with a doctorate under the belt, plus all the undergrad education required to get their foot in the doors of graduate programs. It seems like the choice here is clear, why go with a few years of training when you can go with a Doctor? Isn't more always better?
  2. Personal trainers are there to help you reach new levels of fitness and to meet your health goals, which is great, but a physical therapist can help you do the exact same thing and provide both therapeutic elements to your workout routine and technique tips to hold off injury. 
  3. Equipment. Unless you're going to a celebrity trainer they're probably not going to have the same tools at their disposal as a highly qualified physical therapist, like those at Sloane Stecker Physical Therapy. With our physical therapists you have an entire gym full of the most cutting edge equipment at your disposal, guaranteeing you'll never be bored and probably won't plateau either. 

It seems like the choice is clear-- you don't settle for less than the best with anything else, so why start with your health routine? Ditch the personal trainer and put your Doctor of Physical Therapy to work ASAP.