Wattbike: The Inside Track for the Competitive Cycler with Soul

You're a road warrior, taking the loop in Central Park like a pro night after night and hitting those long rides up the Hudson once the weekend rolls around, but you're still looking for that something special to give you a little more edge. 

You're an avid Soul Cycler or Fly Wheeler and you want to hit that number one spot in the group ride, cause you're in it to win it after all, and you know your workout will be maximized with a little nod to your technique. It's a sixty minute sweat fest that really kicks your tail, but with a few tweaks and a technique overhaul you'll maximize your results. 

You're a competitive cyclist or triathlete and you're looking to shave down your racing time cause you're a contender and you know what it takes to win. 

Sounds like you're ready for a one-on-one or small group class at Sloane Stecker Physical Therapy, utilizing both our amazing Wattbikes and the incomparable skills of our fearless leader, Sloane himself, a former competitive cyclist in the US and Europe. 

The Wattbike is the indoor bike for cyclists, so as April showers come to town don't let them ruin your training schedule by running you off the road. Using the Wattbike a rider can perfect pedaling technique, test aerobic capacity, and breakdown performance on the "road"bike with absolute precision. 

With the help of experienced physical therapists and this awesome indoor bike you'll be able to test aerobic capacity to optimize your performance by maintaining specific heart rates in target training zones. For those who are really gung-ho there's also the option of a 20 minute threshold test so any rider (competitive soul cycler and semi-pro contender alike) can know the highest physical intensity they can maintain for one hour. 

Not sure what any of that really means? Translation: The Wattbike training program at Sloane Stecker Physical Therapy both measures current levels of performance and fitness while offering technique and training guidance to surpass your personal best ride of the moment. 

You're seeing yourself crossing that finish line in first place, sliding (not so) effortlessly into the number one spot in your competitive Fly Wheel class, and crushing health and fitness goals while you're at it.