Top Five Unknown Benefits of Physical Therapy

Most people who have had a serious injury or surgery can tell you at length the physical benefits of physical therapy in their recovery. Here are five benefits from physical therapy you may not have heard of before, but that you definitely want to be aware of!

  1. Physical therapy can help with depression. Often depression is brought on by chronic pain and when medication or other treatments don't help, physical therapists can step up to the plate. PTs can offer exercises to reduce pain and also tips on how to adjust movement patterns that might be causing or contributing to your pain in the first place. 
  2. Physical therapy can reduce stress. Physical movement is proven to improve mental health and help the brain better handle stress. Exercise increases norepinephrine in the brain, giving you coping power to deal with stress.   
  3. Physical therapy can help you avoid surgery. Ever heard of pre-therapy? It's physical therapy to prevent or replace surgery. Often meniscus or ACL tears can be treated with physical therapy instead of surgery. 
  4. Physical therapy can keep your brain sharp. Physical movement is just as important in staying sharp as your daily crossword or sudoku. Working with a physical therapist can give you the diverse workout you need to keep your brain big and strong. 
  5. Physical therapy can be lots and lots of fun. When you pick the right PT clinic you won't just be moving and feeling great, you will be having a lot of fun too.