Chronic Pain: Is it in the Brain?

You've heard of a pain in the neck, but have you ever heard of a pain in the brain? 

If you've been suffering from chronic pain, you might be interested to know that recent studies have gone so far as to claim that there "is no pain without the brain." Hopefully this is a heartening discovery for those suffering from never-ending aches, pains, and spasms, if only because it means there is a whole avenue of treatment you have to explore!

Still not convinced of the brain's role in pain? Think of an amputee patient suffering from phantom pain. They feel aches and spasms in parts of their body that aren't even there to produce pain. It's the mind not letting go of the memory of the limb or of pain that is causing the suffering. The treatment for phantom pain syndrome? Visualizations or a tricky, but clever, set-up of mirrors to help the patient in visualizing the amputated limb. 

If you've been suffering from chronic pain and think you've come to the end of the road for treatment options, you might just have an entire avenue opening up for you to explore. Try a physical therapy program that is holistic in nature, offering both your body and your brain exercises to release pain.