Summertime and the Living is Easy

It's summertime and as New Yorkers we know this means heat waves followed by rain storms followed by the perfect sunny day on the beach. Summer in the city means filling nights with Shakespeare in the Park, ball games at Yankee Stadium, and street fairs. 

Maybe when summer rolls around and everyone comes out of hiding, flooding Central Park, you feel excited and ready to party....or maybe you think about how those summer days and nights will be filled with painful joints from walking, hurt backs from lounging on the beach, and packing pain killers with the sunscreen--just in case.

Physical Therapy is the answer to managing and preventing pain, because after all, it's summertime and living should be easy. 

If you're still not sure about physical therapy and its ability to revolutionize your summer experience, then here are some fun pt facts that might just get you into our Upper West Side or Irvington clinic. 

Physical therapy not only provides relief for pain, it can help you get into better shape too. 

You don't have to wait to go to a physical therapist until you're injured, you can also go to a physical therapist to reach new fitness goals. The best personal trainer might just be a physical therapist. Not only do they know the body, they are also experts in functional movement and can train you in the safest and most effective way possible. Getting in the best condition of your life doesn't mean you need to have an injury to heal from, in some ways preventive physical therapy is even more important and crucial for your quality of life than post-surgical pt. 

A good physical therapist will not just get you back to your pre-injury status, they'll train you to be better than you ever were before. 

As mentioned earlier, a quality physical therapist will help you heal from injury and will also re-train your body to avoid re-injury through habitual movement patterns. Your movement led you to injury, so real recovery will require retraining your movement habits to avoid future injury. You'll leave pt even better than you were before your injury.  

PT might just help you live longer. 

So I can't back this up, but I still stand by it. Studies show stress is one of the biggest offenders in early death and I'm going to argue that physical therapy can lower stress levels, thereby saving your life. While this line of debate might be a little tongue in cheek, an afternoon at Sloane Stecker Physical Therapy is a recipe for stress reduction. Our office and staff work to make your time in physical therapy relaxing and rejuvenating. Go to physical therapy--reduce stress and live longer. It's called a win-win situation.