To Cut or Not to Cut: Meniscus Tears & Physical Therapy

For years we've been saying you should think twice before you go see a surgeon to take care of your meniscus tear. 

Turns out The New York Times has been saying the same thing for years as well. 

The meniscus helps cushion and stabilize knees. Having a torn meniscus is not uncommon, as of 2013 there were about 700,000 surgeries performed to repair the fibrocartilaginous structure. 

Sloane Stecker Physical Therapy New York City Meniscus

Keep in mind that when you go to see a surgeon they're going to fall back on what they were trained in, which is to cut and surgically repair. Be sure to ask for other options if you're in the market for repairing a meniscal tear. 

What you'll find is that research has shown meniscus repair from surgery to be comparable in results to physical therapy in repairing the meniscus. 

Our physical therapists and our physical therapy locations in Lincoln Square and Irvington have supported this research with our great outcomes in patient treatments through our Total Joint Programs. Along with our talented therapists, we also have Noraxon treadmills and AlterG's to help aid in the recovery. 

Before you commit to an expensive surgery with long downtime and physical therapy to recover, consider skipping the knives and hospital visit and heading straight to your pt.