Suffering from Migraines? Physical Therapy Can Help.

Migraines are no joke. 

People who suffer from chronic headaches understand just how much a migraine can keep you from living your life. 

Most people will experience a headache this year, but you'll know if it has advanced to a full-blown migraine attack because you'll be sensitive to both light and sound. Migraine sufferers will likely also experience nausea and appetite loss as well. All in all, a migraine is no joking matter. 

If you've tried everything to reign in your chronic migraines and nothing has worked, then it's time to visit your physical therapist. 

Here are just a few ways physical therapy can help reduce and maybe even eliminate your chronic migraines. 

  1. Check your posture. 
    1. Most people spend a good amount of time either on the computer or on a hand-held device. This can cause you to stretch your head forward, which can really aggravate the body eventually causing a real headache. The head weighs 12 pounds when in proper alignment, but the force can extend to 60 pounds when the neck is out of alignment. Keep your head in line and you'll reduce the pressure that can cause migraines. 
  2. Strengthen your mid and low back muscles. 
    1. If you spend a lot of time sitting or staying sedentary then you might need to focus on strengthening your mid and lower back muscles. If these muscles weaken then your neck can really take the strain and the tension can trigger a migraine. Focus on strengthening these muscles and you might find some migraine relief. 
  3. Hydrate. 
    1. The majority of Americans are regularly dehydrated. Most sodas, coffees, and other tasty beverages are actually diuretics which will cause a toxic build up in the body and the brain. The brain has to be hydrated to function properly, so take care to stay on top of your daily water intake. It might just do the trick to keep your migraines at bay. 

Physical therapists can also help you stretch to relieve migraine-causing muscle tension and can also train and strengthen your body to help relieve tension that can reduce the intensity or occurrence of migraines. 

There's no time in your day for a migraine. Whether you're chasing your personal record around Central Park's loop or you're crushing it in Wall Street board meetings you don't even have a New York second to waste being down and out with a migraine. Make time with a physical therapist at Sloane Stecker Lincoln Square or Westchester and we'll help you find the perfect posture and relief from your migraine pain.