Prenatal Physical Therapy

Pregnancy is a time of great change mentally, emotionally, and physically. We might not be able to help you with shrinking pregnancy brain or hormonal mood swings, but we certainly can lend an expert hand when it comes to hip and back pain. Don't just take your swelling ankles sitting down, give prenatal physical therapy a try and ease the distress and discomfort so you can enjoy your pregnancy with as little pain as possible. 

As your pregnancy progresses your body changes, obvious, right? As your body structure changes your internal organs shift to make room for your baby and your bones start to change as well. The extra weight you're carrying can change the way you sit, stand, and walk which can only exacerbate any pain you're experiencing from these shifts in your anatomical structure. Working with a physical therapist can help alleviate this pain as they administer treatments and offer exercises to help you adjust around your changing body. The technical term for the discomfort you might be experiencing in your pelvic bones is pubic symphysis dysfunction, but all you need to know is this will be experienced as a pain in the hip and pubic region and that we can help. 

This is a special time to bond with your baby and the discomforts you feel during it should be as minimal as possible. If you're living through your pregnancy experiencing hip, back, or other joint pain physical therapy could be just the thing you're looking for.