Physical Therapy Demystified: Pudendal Neuralgia

You know you've been living with a lot of pain for some time now, but going to a doctor for answers has left you even fuzzier and more confused than before. You wanted answers and all you got was a script for physical therapy and some mumbo jumbo diagnosis. 

Don't worry, we've got you covered. 

Not only do our New York and Florida offices have the most cutting edge equipment for your fitness and therapy needs, we've also got qualified and passionate physical therapists who are happy to answer your questions. 

But why wait for your first physical therapy appointment to get some answers? Let's start with pudendal neuralgia

It might sound like a foreign language, but it's actually a pelvic disorder found in both men and women. Symptoms of this disorder might include pain through the groin and pelvis while sitting. Since this neurological disorder runs through the pelvic region it will affect the scrotum, penis, buttocks, vulva, and urethra as well as the perineum. 

If you've been diagnosed with pudendal neuralgia you actually are suffering from a nerve disorder in the pudendal plexus, which runs through the sacrum. You might experience phantom pain or marked relief from chronic pain when you stand up. If you're experiencing a real pain in the butt, it might just be a problem with the pudendal nerve. 

Finding a physical therapist who is experienced in pelvic disorders is an integral part of your healing process if you suffer from this nerve disorder. A pt specializing in pelvic floor or neurological disorders will be able to release trigger points pinching nerves, lengthen and strengthen your pelvic floor, and offer exercises to relieve pain by re-training chronic movement patterns. 

If you've been diagnosed with pudendal neuralgia, don't worry. It might sound like a made-up word from a foreign country, but it's a well known disorder that has common treatment plans. You don't have to live with a pain in the rear. We can help with that.