SculpSure and Physical Therapy

Unlike invasive treatments, like liposuction, SculpSure’s technology is so simple and advanced that you will find it available in a variety of settings. You may have never considered the benefits of choosing a physical therapy office to administer body sculpting treatments over a medical office or a licensed spa, but there are definitely a few things you should take into account as you decide where to go for your SculpSure session(s).

At a physical therapy clinic you’re dealing with professionals who know how to get your body to its most optimal state like they know the back of their hand. It’s very different from going to a doctor who might be able to diagnose and treat an illness like a boss. Physical therapists specialize in the health and optimal function of the physical body. The SculpSure procedure is basically getting your body to its most optimal state, something we know how to do very well. 

Most people will want to couple the SculpSure with diet and exercise. You’ve already come this far in your health and wellness goals, why not respect your body sculpting investment by starting to work with a physical therapist on these goals as well? Doctor’s offices and spas will tell you that you’ll get the best body sculpting results by incorporating or maintaining a physical exercise plan, but physical therapists can personally work with you on creating and executing your fitness plan. If you really want to feel and see the positive effects of body sculpting treatments you’ll partner with a physical therapist/personal trainer. 

The SculpSure procedure is so advanced and easy to understand almost anyone can administer it, but don’t settle for just anyone or any office when you’re considering where to go for your treatments. Choose the office that will see the entire journey you’re on and will sign up to go the entire distance with you. Choose the office that has the amenities of a spa and the expertise of a doctor’s office but also has the added, and critical, bonus of being professionals in the realm of physical fitness. 

At Sloane Stecker Lincoln Square we have private treatment rooms with spectacular views of New York City’s Upper West Side and an extensive gym stocked with the most advanced equipment on the market. You’re making a huge investment toward meeting your personal goals, go big and maximize those goals by choosing to work with physical therapists on your body contouring sessions.