Not Too Sure About SculpSure?

Not too sure about SculpSure?

The holidays are coming up and that little black dress is about to get busy making appearances at work parties and events with friends and family. It’s a little snug since its last rotation and the annual holiday battle with the scale hasn’t even begun. This year you’re considering giving your waistline and your workout routine a little boost with body sculpting, but you’re not quite convinced. Let’s talk through some of these concerns. 

To the Ladies! 

You find yourself wondering, “What will people say if they find out??” Well, I’m here to put that thought to rest by telling you exactly what your colleagues, friends, and family will say. 

It will start with the off-hand comment, “That dress! You look amazing!” Your response? Start with, “What? This old thing?” If you’re talking to Mark from Accounting (you know who I’m talking about, everyone has a “Mark” from “Accounting”) you can give him a little wink and let him watch you walk away. 

You might have a curious friend pull you to the side and ask, “What’s your secret? You’re waistline is so trim!” Since they’re your friend (and body sculpting is an amazing secret to share with a friend) you’ll lean in and let them know you had a 25 minute session with the SculpSure laser and it eviscerated 25% of the fat cells plaguing your waist line. Your friend’s mouth will drop open and she’ll get a referral from you and maybe you’ll have your next 25 minute session together… right after brunch and right before treating yourselves to a mani/pedi. Your tagline for the day? Treat Yo’self!!

To the Fellas. 

You find yourself wondering, “Is this procedure is right for me? Do men get body sculpting treatments?” Yes! They do! And so can you! 

Body sculpting is a great way to boost the results from your efforts at the gym and your clean eating habits. It’s not uncommon to see men and women of all fitness levels and goals sitting under the SculpSure to get closer to their personal goals. If you have love handles or just a few inches that have consistently been evading your best diet and exercise efforts, it’s time for body sculpting to come to the rescue. 

You’ve got 25 minutes to give this procedure a shot. I guarantee it’s for everyone. 

Closing Arguments. 

At Sloane Stecker Lincoln Square we know bodies and what’s best for them. Our entire office has dedicated their lives not just to the study of health and wellness, but to the science of treating bodies so they reach their fullest potential. For some people this potential is simply walking without pain and for others it’s finally getting rid of a few stubborn inches around the waistline. If you’re considering SculpSure but aren’t yet convinced, cut yourself a break and let the magic of science lend a hand in getting your body to its fullest potential. Body sculpting is non-invasive, simple, and requires no down-time for recovery.

It’s time to Treat Yo’self.