SculpSure in the News

It's that time of the year again- beaches are getting crowded and the Hamptons are waiting for New Yorkers to get up and out of the heat. Maybe you didn't have time to get your laps in around the Central Park loop or log your running miles with your training group like you'd planned, but that doesn't mean you can't confidently work your way into your swimsuit. Body Sculpting to the rescue!

If you haven't heard about the wonders of SculpSure, here's what the web is saying about this weight loss kick starter!

SculpSure Wins! #3 Beauty Game Changer

“The ease, speed and effectiveness of the procedure all contribute to the very high patient satisfaction we’re seeing.” —Dr. Sean Simon, plastic surgeon

Step Aside Bridezilla, This One is for the Grooms!

SculpSure, which is one of a handful of contouring treatments, takes 25 minutes per session, and one can lose a belt notch after a treatment. 

CBS News

Laser Alternative to Liposuction Promises to Zap Fat Away

All it takes is 25 minutes and you'll be ready to get out of the city and onto the beach, whether it's hopping over to New Jersey or to more exotic locations. SculpSure will get you the jump start you need to take on summer with the confidence you deserve.