Monday Motivation: Fitness Hacks for the Week

Mondays are important in setting the tone for your health goals.  Helping people create a healthy lifestyle is one of our missions as physical therapists in New York City. Whether you're getting back to sport after an injury or surgery, are an amateur athlete looking to push yourselves to the next level, or just need to get back on your fitness routine after falling off the wagon, we have the hack for your fitness success. Monday motivation, here we come. 

Turn to Technology

If you're a fan of tech and apps then you might want to give Fitocracy a try to breathe new life to your workout routine. Fitocracy offers several levels of membership and helps with motivation, personal couching, and nutrition counseling. Coaches specialize in a variety of areas including weight loss, strength training, weight gains, competition training, and athletic coaching. While nothing beats in-person personal training, Fitocracy is a close second. 

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Turn to Games

If you excel at weekend drinking games, take your talents to the gym and have some fun! Heres the twist-- next time you're watching TV pick your favorite television drinking game, except instead of taking a sip get off the couch and do ten push ups instead. 

You could do the same thing at the office, maybe anytime someone says "board meeting" you do fifteen jumping jacks. It's the kind of fun the entire office can get into. Which leads us to our next fitness hack.....

Turn to Your Community

If you need an accountability community, try starting a fitness challenge competition. Put some money into a pot for entry and then set the parameters and get to work! A little friendly competition can do a lot to fuel your fitness goals. Don't be afraid to include others in your fitness journey, they might just be the motivation you need to go the distance. 

If you work in an office with an open culture, it might be the best place to put this plan into action. Cut calories by replacing Friday bagels with fresh juices and charge salads to the corporate account instead of steaks. Try replacing a board room meeting with a jog around the track while talking logistics and numbers. 

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If these three tips don't help with your Monday Motivation, then give these quick ones a try: 

Keep a fresh gym bag at the office so you never have an excuse to skip the gym. 

Just can't get up and out of bed for that 6 AM Soul Cycle class? Try sleeping in your workout clothes so you can just roll out of bed and go. 

Skip the gym membership and put some cash in a jar every time you workout.