Earn Brunch: Weekend Workouts for New Yorkers

There's nothing like Spring in New York and a lazy Saturday morning followed by brunch with friends on a side walk in the Upper West Side. Unfortunately those pancakes and huevos rancheros are packed with calories and can really throw off your fitness and wellness goals. Here's how you can beat those lazy Saturday morning calories without leaving the lazy solitude of your own home. 

All you need to take advantage of this workout is a will to succeed and a soft bit of ground to work out on. Set aside thirty minutes and tone your total bod while still in your pajamas. 

Sarah Beth's anyone?

Don't have thirty minutes to tone your tush before running out the door to meet your friends or family? Give this eight minute workout a try and keep burning calories all day long. 

Need to shave down even more time? Here's a workout to help you ladies and gents get those long legs for summer days at the beach. Bonus: you'll be able to chase down taxis like a boss. 

Enjoy your weekend and your lazy Saturday morning workouts! If you're ready to roll out of bed and hit the ground running, a one-on-one with your very own personal trainer might just be for you.