Physical Therapists, Noraxon, and AlterG Technology-- Free Running Analysis for New York Runners

Running is one of the best and most accessible sports in the world. Anyone with the will to give it a try and the open road can call themselves a runner, all it takes is deciding you're going for it and stepping- wait, running- out the front door. 

While anyone can take up running, most runners will quickly find that there are some aches and pains along the way. Whether it's the dull ache of a mental block, the numbing shock of shin splints, or the sheer agony of not being able to crack your personal best time no matter how hard you train, all runners eventually come to know that the coveted runner's high comes at a price!

You might be able to tell from our previous posts on the mechanics of running that we're pretty big believers in a solid running analysis and its ability to revolutionize a runner's gait and stride. The secret most runners (from the pros to the weekend warrior) don't take advantage of is the trained eye and input of a professional, not just a running coach, but an expert in the mechanics of the human body and movement to strengthen and heal. 

With a physical therapist's input most runners can make leaps and bounds in progress after long, frustrating plateaus, recover from injury, and perfect a running form that will help runner's avoid injury and maximize benefits from their workouts. The other benefit of working with a physical therapist-- they might just be able to get their hands on Noraxon or AlterG technology. Equipment so advanced and revolutionary your chances of finding them outside of a highly advanced and specialized office are minimal.  

Sign up for our upcoming complimentary runner's analysis, September 10th, 2016 from 9 AM to 3 PM, at our Upper West Side location and put our therapists and equipment to the test.