Runner and You've Never Heard of Noraxon? Get Ready for your Life to Change!

What is Noraxon technology? 

Noraxon is at the forefront in technology for monitoring and analyzing biomechanics, the study of human movement to better understand athletic performance. For 25 years Noraxon has been providing the technology necessary for physical therapists, athletics and sports professionals, and other movement based healing modalities to best serve their patients or athletes. 

How does Noraxon work? 

Through decades of research and development Noraxon has become the leader in evidenced-based biomechanic equipment. With Noraxon equipment physical therapists and other body-based professionals are able to video-capture patient/client movement, utilize myo-motion technology, 3D motion analysis, pressure/force readings, and make the most informed rehab or training plans possible with this information. 

Even a millimeter can make a difference to an athlete's competition time and with Noraxon technology we are able to train and rehab participants with the greatest precision to the smallest measurement of movement. This also offers an opportunity to measure progress to the most minute detail. The records and results of every session used with Noraxon technology are recorded and used as a baseline to best hone and tweak treatment plans. You'll come out of every training or rehab sessions with the best possible treatment plans for your most minute needs. 

Noraxon for Runners

Running is a precise science, or a geometry to be more exact! A truly fantastic sport where all you need to get started is the will to move, it's one of the most popular sports and modes of fitness training possible. What few people know when they start their running career, is that it is possible to train in a way that will prolong your running with little or no injuries. Not only that, but with a little bit of attention to body mechanics you can also crush personal records and start setting new personal bests in both your training and your races.