Motivation Monday: Runners Unite!

AlterG. Noraxon. SkillMill. 

Everything a runner needs to train hard and work smart. 

Every few months we like to bond with the running community and support their hard preparation for world-class races (The New York City Marathon!!) by offering complimentary running sessions for one day only. 

Sloane Stecker Lincoln Square Physical Therapy New York City AlterG

Runners from all over New York City are invited to come and spend time on our cutting-edge machinery and will be invited to ask our world-class physical therapy staff any questions they might have. This running event will help runners avoid injury, recover faster, and reach personal goals. 

Space is limited, so register by shooting an email to or 

Looking forward to seeing you at our Lincoln Square physical therapy office, so we can count on seeing you achieve goals and revel in your running accomplishments!