Tis the Season

Swimsuit season may be over, but that doesn't mean you should suffer the standard holiday weight gain. 

You might already be planning those Holiday parties for work and family fun and we all know what that means....it's time to pull out that Little Black Dress and the fitted slacks. It also means you'll have lots of delicious foods to feast on and cold winter weather to lure you in doors and away from your daily run around the Central Park loop. 

If you want to avoid the crunch to lose excess holiday pounds in preparation for your beach body, then you'll want to have a plan before the Holiday's come crashing around the corner. 

And that plan should include 25 minutes taking advantage of the magic of SculpSure. 

Sloane Stecker Physical Therapy SculpSure

The geniuses behind SculpSure know there's more to health and a trim physique than their magic laser treatment, but it is the perfect compliment to your other wellness plans. 

In only a few 25 minute treatments you'll melt away those tricky, stubborn pockets of unwanted fat. It takes about 12 weeks for the fullest effects of SculpSure to kick in, so book your appointment today and you can be ready for that Little Black Dress for your New Year's parties.