SculpSure on the Mind??

Have questions about Cynosure's Sculpsure? Like....

How does SculpSure compare to Coolsculpting? (It's better. Way better. More effective, less uncomfortable...the list goes on.) 

SculpSure Sloane Stecker Lincoln Square Physical Therapy

SculpSure does....what exactly? (Destroys fat tissue FOREVER, leaving you with a trim, svelte physique.) I need to be in shape for this to work?? (In shape? A lifestyle based on consistent movement and whole foods will always be beneficial to your health, but you can use SculpSure to give yourself a jump start or to compliment your commitment to sweat it out.) 

Sloane Stecker Lincoln Square Physical Therapy SculpSure

What's the time commitment again??? (25 minutes. Only 25 minutes!!) 

Or maybe you already know how great SculpSure is and are just waiting for the perfect time to pull the trigger and enjoy the life-changing benefits of eviscerating fat forever while on your lunch break. We understand exactly how important it is to make life-changing decisions at the right time for your wallet. 

....Which is why we've partnered with Gilt to bring our favorite laser treatment to the Upper West Side at a great price. Good for your waistline and good for your wallet. 

Treat Yourself!