5 Easy Ways to Keep Holiday Weight Gain at Bay

Everyone loves the holidays. Family, friends, parties!! Cakes, cookies, drinks!! Presents! Snow! Celebrations!! The slow and steady weight gain! Wait a second...

No one is safe from holiday weight gain, but there are a few simple things you can do to keep the pounds off this year AND still enjoy some holiday indulgences. 

  1. Walk. There are so many simple ways to burn calories throughout your day and if you choose to walk as often as possible, it'll start to really add up. Try taking the stairs in stead of the elevator or escalator and you'll get a nice lift in your glutes too! If you're a type A individual you might even set some "steps" goals on your iPhone or fitbit. It's amazing what ditching the elevator can do, especially for New Yorkers living or working on the 15th floor....
  2. Pace. This is really a variation on the "walk" theme, but it's effective nonetheless. Try pacing the room instead of sitting during your next conference call and watch those calories burn away! In fact, fidget as much as you can during the day. The extra movement will add up at the end of the day.
  3. Choose smaller plates. Most of us will eat until our plates are empty instead of stopping when we are satiated. Instead of doing that, try choosing smaller plates or just serving up smaller portion sizes. Most people's stomachs are no bigger than their fist. Keep that in mind while you're dishing up your turkey dinner. 
  4. Get outside. More often than not family activities wind up happening around the table or the television, but try taking the love outside and see what happens. Most people are happy to take a walk after a big lunch and even more are happy to throw a football around. Suggest something that would be fun for the whole family- get creative!- and see if you don't start a new tradition. Flag football is a personal favorite, but you can also try Pokemongo. I hear people like it. 
  5. Drink water first. Most of us don't get enough water during the day so it's always a good idea to up your water intake. Most of us also often confuse thirst with hunger and instead of satiating ourselves with calorie-free water we chow down. Avoid these empty calories by starting your day off with a glass of water and drinking some water before meals too. A simple, but effective, fix!

If you keep these five simple suggestions in mind you'll do a great job at keeping holiday weight gain at bay and you'll have a lot of fun with family and friends while you're at it. If you think these five steps won't cut it and you want to really step up your game-- hire a physical therapist to be your personal trainer. And then eat allllll the pie you want!