Not Just Physical Therapy

As we start the countdown to 2016 it's only natural to start making plans for your New Years resolutions. Every year on December 31st countless vows are made to reach new levels of health and happiness, but without careful planning these new goals are often abandoned in just a few weeks. Here are some easy tips towards greater health that are so achievable you'll conquer those New Years goals without a hitch this year.

  1. Drink more water. Most people don't consider just how important and easy it is to get enough water into your day. Staying hydrated aids in digestion, helps curb the impulse to overeat, and keeps skin/muscles/bones/and joints looking and feeling young and able. Coffee and soft drinks don't count, but you might get a boost on your hydration goals from fresh, raw fruits and vegetables. Try starting your day out with a warm glass of water infused with some organic lemon, from there aim to have another seven glasses (8 oz. each) of water throughout your day.
  2. Get enough sleep. Lack of sleep can make your skin look older, sallow, and more puffy and even be the cause of unsolved weight gain. Not only that, but consistent nights of bad rest can make you forgetful, cranky, and more prone to heart (and other) diseases. Aim for seven to eight hours of sleep per night. Have a hard time falling asleep? Try creating a bedtime ritual that is easy for you to follow every night, something as simple as a cup of tea, to start lulling your body and brain to sleep. Also consider leaving electronics outside of your bedroom and putting the computer/phone/TV down for the night about an hour or so before you hit the sack.
  3. Move more (exercise). Adequate exercise can be tough to fit into a busy day, but the benefits of at least thirty minutes of exercise a day are worth the hassle. Try finding a class you enjoy and feel motivated to take or consider brushing up on popular HIIT workouts that specialize in maximizing your workout and your time by coupling high intensity moves with timed intervals. You might be surprised by the energy you have to fit in a good workout now that you're well rested and adequately hydrated!

As you move into 2016 keep these three "resolutions" in mind. Sometimes the best way to create new habits and tackle resolutions is to add simple lifestyle changes and watch your "bad" habits slowly melt away. Instead of creating a list of far-fetched resolutions, consider simply adding a few good habits into your New Year first.