The Best Physical Therapist in New York City

One of the top searches on Google for pt in New York is "the best physical therapist  in NYC," just under the slightly more popular search term, "the best physical therapist in the world." Seems like a tall order, finding the best physical therapist in a city as great and brimming with talent as New York, but Google comes through with over 30 pages of results. Looks like there are a lot of "the best" hunkered down in just one city....Don't fret about sifting through the thousands of "best" in the city, we are here to shed some light on the "best" office in New York for you. 

Fortunately this insight isn't about one single therapist in high demand, but about the benefits of not finding the best physical therapist in Manhattan. Explore instead the wisdom in finding an office focused on celebrating the entire team that makes the whole practice the best physical therapy clinic in Manhattan. Finding a clinic or a single practice that builds it's work around one star practitioner isn't the answer. What you'll find is a talented, but exhausted and overbooked, therapist who is likely impossible to score an appointment with.

Instead, focus your search for a physical therapist on clinics that boast a diverse and supportive crew of physical therapists. It's beneficial if the office knows the talents of an amazing therapist will only grow under awesome conditions and with amazing tools to treat and diagnose patients. The perks to the best physical therapy office in New York City are endless. There's an entire team with diverse skill sets and specialities and one of them will be the perfect fit for you. The greatest perk is that team work and mentorship are strong in the best pt office in New York and you'll never be at the mercy of just one individual, but rather in the capable hands of a supportive team of practitioners.

At Sloane Stecker we have a heavy emphasis on knowledge sharing and continued research, mentorship, and a constant, diligent search for the best therapeutic exercises for our patients through team work. Don't be fooled by the single name on the door, Sloane has set a high bar for "the best" and knows that to truly earn that title you have to focus on the office as the whole and that's exactly what we have done. 

Don't be wooed by the individual "best" therapist in the city. This is America and more is always better, right? Why settle for one amazing therapist when you could have an entire office of "the best" practitioners in the city?