Post NYC Marathon Aches and Pains? We've Got Something For That.

You're a road warrior. 

One of the New York elite. 

The loops of Central Park are your playground and you know the city streets of Manhattan's Upper West Side like the back of your hand. 

Since you're no amateur when it comes to your running game you also know how important recovery is. Since we are also total pros when it comes to training and recovery we know exactly how to address your needs to get geared up to hit the pavement again. 

For the month of November Sloane Stecker Physical Therapy in New York City and Westchester are offering marathon runners 50% off a recover AlterG session. 

Sloane Stecker Physical Therapy Upper West Side and Westchester AlterG recovery run

You've earned a gravity-defying, recovery-accelerating run. 

Come see us at our physical therapy clinics in Irvington and New York City's Upper West Side and we'll get you set up in the AlterG for the best recover run of your life.