Physical Therapy and Arthritis: Part 1

Arthritis is a painful stiffening and inflammation of the joints. The long winter months in New York don't help with the chronic pain that can come with arthritic pain, but working with a knowledgeable physical therapist can. 

If your arthritis pain has kept you from activities you love then it's time to explore how physical therapy can help. Often with arthritis, the pain will keep you from moving, but moving is actually the best thing for managing your pain and keeping your condition from worsening. 

Physical therapy programs can help increase your mobility and range of motion. It's always too early to let arthritis pain slow down your life. Take matters into your own hands and start your physical therapy treatment to relieve your pain as soon as possible. Managing pain requires both strength and endurance. Strengthening muscles around your painful joints will help ease the inflammation and stiffness arthritis can cause. 

As your mobility and strength increase, you'll be on the path to successfully learning the skills and lifestyle habits you need to manage the pain stiff joints can cause. Working with a pt will keep you as close to your goals and ideal fitness levels. As you work to manage your arthritis you'll have to set measured, attainable goals that reflect your improving mobility and strength. 

You don't have to go through the pain and discomfort of arthritis alone. Both of our physical therapy clinics in New York City and Westchester are prepared to help you take on winter in the city with a plan that will have you moving into the New Year with less pain and move possibilities than you can imagine.